SAFAYA is a one stop platform that connects its users to the domestic service providers* in their local area.

With SAFAYA, you can search for Maids, Cooks and other domestic service providers in your local area, connect with them and hire the person of your choice.


Most people rely on their neighbor’s reference to find or replace the Maids, Cooks, etc. for their homes, thus having limited choices. SAFAYA provides users access to all the registered service providers in their neighborhood, thereby giving them the option to screen and choose the most suitable person to work at their home.

At SAFAYA, we value:

  • Trust & User Happiness: Our goal is to make users happy using our services
  • Vast Options: Provide users with vast options to choose from
  • Customer Support: We strive to deliver what we expect ourselves
  • Finger Tip Convenience: That says it all

*Domestic Service Providers – Maids / Cooks / Cash Wash / Baby Massage / etc.

How it


SAFAYA lists out profiles of the registered domestic service providers in your locality, giving you the option of choosing the person of your choice based on your specific needs such as work timings, charges, experience, etc.

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  • Pimple Saudagar
  • Baner Pashan Link Road
  • Sus Road, Pashan
  • Panchwati Pashan
  • Balewadi High Street
  • Baner
  • Bhumkar Chowk, Wakad
  • Vishal Nagar, Wakad
  • Koregaon Park
  • Kalyani Nagar Annex
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Home is a personal space for everyone. At SAFAYA, we value the trust our users bestow upon us to find the best suited person to work in this personal space. Thus, we have a zero tolerance policy towards unethical and legally questionable actions by persons listed on our platform. If you wish to report any legally or morally questionable actions by the persons found and hired through our platform, please report it to hello@safaya.in or on our WhatsApp number +91-9309232969. We promise to look into the matter.

Your Opinion Matters:
If you have any feedback or suggestions to improve the quality and ambit of our services, please drop in a line at hello@safaya.in or on our WhatsApp number +91-9309232969.

Trust you have gone through our Terms and Conditions & Complaint Desk Policy listed on the website & mobile app. If you have any transactional issues that you would like to address, please email us your query along with your transaction id at hello@safaya.in or on our WhatsApp number +91-9309232969.


Are listed individuals employees of Safaya ?

No. Listed individuals are not employees of Safaya. Individuals have enrolled themselves on Safaya seeking new employment opportunities

What kind of verification is done before listing of individuals ?

Safaya verifies that the photo identification presented by the individual during enlisting process matches with the individual. Police or Background verification of individuals is not done during the enlisting process. This process is an opt-in service that users can avail.

Does Safaya charge a commission on salaries paid to individuals listed and connected on its app ?

No. Safaya does not charge any commission on salaries paid to individuals listed and connected through its app.

What is the best time to call the purchased leads of individuals ?

Domestic helps often work multiple jobs and tend to not answer their calls while at work. Best time to contact them would be post general working hours, i.e. 6 pm.

What if individual does not answer his / her phone ?

We urge users to attempt calling the individuals couple of times. If inspite of repeated attempts, contact is not established, you are requested to contact Safaya helpline.

If for some reason, the purchased leads are not found suitable, does Safaya offer alternatives or refunds ?

As suitability is an individual view point, SAFAYA does not offer alternatives / refunds.

How many leads should I purchase ?

We strongly recommend purchase of 3 or more leads. Several times it requires meeting a few options before finalizing the best suited option. You can also avail savings by purchasing 3 leads instead of 1.

How are the work charges defined ?

Charges paid to the individuals are a matter between you and the employee. Safaya has no role to play there.